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My name is Kevin, and I run a small and friendly dance school which heavily focuses on social dancing, although I can also put you through amateur exams if you wish to follow this route and have a measure to monitor progress and development.

I love to teach absolute beginners with the aim of getting you out at social dances where you can practice what you've learnt, make new friends and have fun.

Additionally, if you want to develop what you've learnt I can provide help with technique and styling and can also provide additional choreography where required.

To achieve the above I offer group sessions or private lessons and if you'd like more information I'd welcome hearing from you. You can use the contact facility on this site or give me a call on 07483 844495.

Apart from lessons I also run Social Dances and details of these are also contained on this site.



Why learn to dance

It's fun, something you can do with a partner and it's good exercise. It is a release from every day routine and if you join in the social dances you'll find you'll quickly become part of a group and you'll have the opportunity to make new friends.


Do I need a partner

I will sometimes offer sessions for solo dancers and although Ballroom Dancing is a form of partner dancing there is nothing to stop you attending group sessions on your own and learning the leaders or followers steps or indeed both.  

Will I have to change partners

If you come with a partner it is entirely up to you, you can stick with your partner or ask someone else to dance. If you come on your own, you can dance with someone else who may be available or you can dance solo.

Do I need special clothes:

No, although as you develop you may want to invest in a pair of dance shoes. Initially wear comfortable shoes that are easy to dance in - I'll talk to you more about this if required.


Upcoming Events....


Contact Kevin at dancewithkevin@icloud.com, telephone 07483 844495 or use the contact tab

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